Engineering solution for swimming pools

Today a swimming pool is a high-tech engineering complex when designing of which as a long-term construction experience and maintenance of such facilities as lead technologies of the modern engineering should be considered.

One of the principal factors of safe and correct operation of the indoor water park is a proper microclimate and its maintenance for zonal comfort upon anti-corrosive requirements following to prevent condensate risks.

Optimal microclimate values and compliance with world energy standards would avoid visitors’ discomfort, operating costs, energy consumption and untimely failure of the complex.

SPORT: SWIMMING POOL Solution | Benefits and targets

WHEIL SPORT: SWIMMING POOL Solution – is a microclimate and engineering solution for swimming facilities that considers compliance with high requirements for as air conditioning and ventilation as special aspects of this direction, e.g. special functional modes regarding the presence of sportsmen and visitors in a summer peak.

Principal targets of SWIMMING POOL Solution are:

  • Proper zoning that lets comfort and air cleanly for both spectators in the stands and persons on ice;
  • Strict control over temperature modes for the different zones;
  • Optimal dehumidification and needed air change to prevent negative consequences;
  • High-energy efficiency and lower operating costs.