Engineering solution for ice rinks

Any ice rink is a complicated engineering facility, microclimate of which requires special air treatment, dehumidification and zoning.

Correct climate indexes maintenance and the opportunity to change work modes with the seasons and the number of persons present can greatly reduce the risk of condensate forming, fogging and icing right on the rink surface.

Overcoming these factors in turn raise protection from corrosion, prevent mold and keep comfort temperature for the visitors.

SPORT: ICE RINK Solution | Benefits and targets

WHEIL SPORT: ICE RINK Solution – is a microclimate and engineering solution for ice rinks that considers all the values and physical processes and reduces emergency and impacts of the negative factors.

Principal targets of ICE RINK Solution are:

  • Proper zoning that lets comfort and air cleanly for both spectators in the stands and persons on ice;
  • Strict control over temperature modes for the different zones;
  • Optimal dehumidification and needed air change to prevent negative consequences;
  • High-energy efficiency and lower operating costs.