SAFETY Solution
Engineering solutions for more explosion and earthquake objects

To develop increased reliable solutions for smoke ventilation and climate equipment of the industrial facilities having gas and dust hazard is one of the main conditioning and ventilation direction in the world.

Failure to comply with explosive and fire safety can lead to many losses of life, extensive economic and environmental permanent damages.

Climate equipment compliance with the required explosive standards for the facilities having gas and dust hazard and fire safety for smoke ventilation is a necessary condition for proper operations and no cases of emergencies.

SAFETY Solution | Benefits and targets

WHEIL SAFETY Solution — is a microclimate solution for the facilities of the special maintenance conditions where an explosive gas and dust mixture can form or be used as well as a smoke ventilation segment for the different-purpose facilities

Principal targets of SAFETY Solution are:

  • Reliable and high-tech solutions on climate explosion for the industrial facilities (oil and chemical industrial entities, metallurgy and electrical ones);
  • an integrated approach to addressing the key factors of equipment functioning in dust and gas atmosphere: no sparking, overheating and static electricity accumulation;
  • equipment development for the smoke ventilation and its integration into general climate solutions of the building.

Securing respect for explosion standards and fire safety

Explosion protection standard 1EX GB IIB T4/1EX GB IIC T4 (a special order)

Confirmation of reliability

  • photofixation of the samples;
  • thermographic testing control;
  • test protocols to each certificate.