MEDIC Solution
Engineering solutions for clean buildings and medicine objects

Regarding ventilation there are more severe requirements in the medical public buildings for air indexes especially for humidity and air quality. It depends on a drop in the immunity and necessity to relieve the pressure on the patients for their speedy recovery.

Only support facilities ventilation can be without additional cleaning. The rest types of the facilities (including standard rooms and treatment rooms) need to be provided with an air quality index of no more than 1000 CFU/m3 and to consider the airborne microorganisms from both healthy and infected people. This index must be lower in the special medical facilities (operating rooms and others).

Humidity is another air quality index. To avoid mucous membranes drying out and to allow dust to settle effectively it is necessary to provide the buildings with minimum humidity in winter.

MEDIC Solution | Benefits and targets

WHEIL MEDIC Solution — is a microclimate and engineering solution for medical facilities that considers stricter requirements for air cleaning and humidity. It makes it possible to ensure compliance of the most medical building designs* with a target sterility level and to follow high standards of serviceability, ergonomics and energy saving.

* Operating rooms and special laboratories here are not considered, they will be mentioned in WHEIL CLEAN ROOM Solution

Principal targets of MEDIC Solution are:

  • Comfort climate conditions both for a staff and visitors in the medical buildings;
  • Effective freeing from dust and microorganisms also by high-performance fibreglass filters and disinfection systems based on amalgam lamps;
  • Adequate parameters for the main types of the facilities as per the HVAC standards for medical buildings:
    • Day noise level is 35dB (A); at night – no more than 25 dB (A) (for the premises with patients);
    • Temperature/humidity in winter is +22C˚/40%, in summer - +26C˚/55%.

The ways of ensuring adequate parameters directly depend upon designation of the facility, an activity of the people inside, their presence at the same time and energy efficiency level set at the stage of designing.

It is also important to consider aesthetic features of the design and be attention to the requirements for the design and an elite status of the facility.