Engineering solution for industrial facilities and warehouses

One of the basic design principle and the obligatory requirement of the modern industrial facilities is a minimum equipment allocation in the working areas as well as safety and convenience of the maintenance not being involved.

Modern industrial facilities are structurally buildings (a complex) with large spaces and high ceilings. Each of these features has its requirements to implement industrial engineering systems.

The mandatory condition resulting from a large space is dispatcher control engineering system operation with no need to check remoted from each other units.

High ceilings stipulate to make special solutions for air distributional system to be optimal allocated and flexibly configured according to seasons, characteristics of the working area, etc.

INDUSTRIAL Solution | Benefits and targets

WHEIL: INDUSTRIAL Solution – n is a microclimate and engineering solution for different-purpose industrial facilities that considers as general requirements for such facilities as features of each building (type of production, building area, zoning, etc.)

Principal targets of INDUSTRIAL Solution are:

  • Optimal air treatment and distribution including dust removal;
  • Favourable microclimate maintenance securing high air quality indexes in the building;
  • Compliance with world standards and requirements of industrial ergonomics (including easy-to-use remote viewing and dispatcher control over all the ventilation and conditioning engineering systems);
  • High-energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

The solution is based on decentralized ventilation systems ORION TOP in one building with a large space thus ensuring the following:

  • Air supply zonation and different climate indexes maintenance in the various zones;
  • air changeover system;
  • removal of redundant air ducts installed e roof structures;
  • spare parts commonality for indoor climate controllers that in turn makes service easy and reduces operating costs.

ORION TOP units can integrate in a single climate system with an independent roof conditioner ORION ROOFTOP (for the facility where air change is more than 50000 m³ per an hour).

A combined approach allows the following:

  • to implement decentralized solutions with an integrated refrigerant circuit;
  • to use gas heating (the most energy efficient approach).