Engineering solutions for air conditioning

Modern conditioning technologies is oriented to develop refrigerating machines to achieve not only standard targets of air-cooling in the buildings in summer but its heating in the off-season and winter.

COOLING / HEATING PLANT Solution | Benefits and targets

WHEIL COOLING / HEATING PLANT Solution — is an integrated approach to achieve project goals of the multifunctional complex and tailored to extensive experience of maintenance. It includes not only “chilling in summer” (it is a standard problem of this sector) but meets all modern technology requirements (as well as technology of the reversible refrigerators).

Principal targets of COOLING / HEATING PLANT Solution are:

  • project goals proper achieving for the buildings where refrigeration should be supplied year-round with intermittent load;
  • energy efficiency enhancing owing to microclimate streamlined maintenance;
  • zonal heating or air cooling for the various buildings;
  • heating supply for various consumers (hot water pre-heating, northern sides of the building and cellars, air heating in the non-recovery air set, heating systems during district heating downtime, etc.).