COMFORT Solution
Engineering solution for multipurpose centres

Modern multipurpose centres are the high-tech complexes where utilities operate under a single control system that ensures cooperation of the different elements.

Intellectual control strategy makes it possible to advance indoor climate settings according to outdoor factors (daytime, peak load, heat precipitations, etc.) Easy visualization, intuitive interface and dispatcher control ensure to make corrections quickly.

Personnel work capacity in the building, their health, safety and comfort of being there depend upon proper optimal air indexes, maintenance of their stability as well as informed solution making.

High level of these factors and efficiency of the engineering systems determine the term of the investment return and a commercial value of the building when owner asset valuating.

COMFORT Solution/ Benefits and targets

WHEIL COMFORT Solution – is a microclimate and engineering solution for multifunctional centres. It meets all requirements that are subject to both a technical side of the project and an elite status of the construction.

Principal targets of COMFORT Solution are:

  • Comfortable conditions for people in the building;
  • Engineering system compliance with world ergonomics standards of service;
  • Following the requirements for a commercial class of the building;
  • High-energy efficiency and lower operating cost.

Comfortable environment for human presence considers many factors the main of which are:

  • Room temperature, humidity and gas levels in the building;
  • Dust maintenance;
  • Indoor air speed and good acoustic characteristics maintenance.

Comfortable environment criteria depends on the building designation, an activity, personnel being there at the same time and energy efficiency set at the stage of design

When revising an indoor climate solution it is very important to bear in mind an aesthetic value of the project, the design requirements and planned elite status of the construction in a multifunctional center for provision of public and municipal services (MfSC).